Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Both the first and second year students and significant others have survived the first test weekend! For those who are not local, test weekend is a dreaded and exhausting weekend! Although the students attend class, and study endlessly after class, the weekend before the test can consist of 12-15 hour study sessions, if not all-nighters for some students! This is not only difficult on the students, but challenging for the significant others who may have waited all week to spend the weekend with their student! This is where socialization is KEY!!!

We had our first Saturday Morning Coffee with a record number of guests and children! 18 adults and 14 children! 

See details on our private spouse page

Monday, August 8, 2016

Cookie/Snack day!

One way that the SAA supports the students is by providing a small treat before test weekends! With the first TEST WEEK approaching quickly, we decided to get some baked goods to our students this week!! 

The SAA provides these days by receiving donations from SAA members, family, faculty & the community. If you are not local and would like to contribute, please visit our online store and one of our members will either purchase baked goods, or purchase ingredients to make baked goods on your behalf. 

Click here to visit our online store

The first Cookie/Snack day is:
Wednesday August 8 
Noon - items run out 
DCOM 2nd floor lounge 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Forming Committees

SAA Committees 

The SAA will have 3-4 committees that will have a designated purpose throughout the year. We encourage members, students, significant others, and other DCOM affiliated individuals to join a committee to help make this years SAA great! 

Click here to sign-up

Social & Events Committee: (Depending on interest, we may divide this into two groups. There are currently 3 areas that are addressed in this committee) 
  • Social Activities for Significant others: Encourage significant others to attend social events such as Saturday Morning Coffee, adult nights, hikes, movie night, poker etc. You will be responsible for utilizing the DCOM spouses webpage to get others socializing and developing support networks. SAA will coordinate August social activities, and the committee will take over for September. 
  • Event Planning aspect: Be a part in planning events such as SAA events (Fall Fest & Thanksgiving) as well as Student run events (Osteoblast & Cooper's Carnival).

Fundraising Committee:
  • Collect donations for fall fest 
  • Create fundraising ideas
  • Brainstorm ways to market our merchandise 
Community Advocacy:
  • Develop a proposal for the Special Interest Funds available to the SAA. Applications are due next spring/early summer for the following year. 
  • The community projects are limitless! 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

First Meeting -August 2 @ 6pm

Please join us for our First Meeting! 

Many of you have experienced a lot of changes in the last couple weeks, with moving to a new town, becoming a part of DCOM, changing and seeking employment, as well as supporting your student as he/she begins Medical School. At our first meeting, we hope to help ease some anxieties as it relates to what to expect over the next 4 years. 

At our First Meeting we will: 
  • Review a Medical School Road Map to help break down the next 4 years 
  • Guest Speaker from the LMU Pool - Pool memberships will be given away! 
  • Meet 2nd years and hopefully get some advice on surviving first year 
  • Sign up for committees to start SAA involvement
  • Collect dues from anyone wanting to join the AAOA/SAA

  • 6pm 
  • room 305 
  • CHILDCARE room 306