Saturday, October 8, 2016

Social Activities this far

Social Activities for Significant Others 

This year we have put together a social committee. This group has been working to create social activities for everyone to participate.

A monthly book club has been started for significant others. This picture is from the September meeting where members discussed their reading of When Breath Becomes Air.  

We have also had a game night, go for walks, and continue our monthly Saturday Morning Coffee. 

This month we plan to have a craft night, and next month a painting night in Morristown.

Fall Festival Plans

It's October already!! 

This semester has flown by, and the SAA has been busy as ever! 

Over the last 6 week, the SAA has hosted an event planning session to plan Fall Fest. Fall fest this year will be bigger and better than ever! It will have a chili cook off, prize drawing, bounce house, fire truck for the kids, photo booth, costume contest, corn hole, ladder ball, face painting, and SO MUCH MORE!!!Fall Fest is for all DCOM students, faculty, staff and their families. It is a great time for everyone to get together, relax, and celebrate the Fall season. 

If you are interested in entering your chili into the cook off please email us! There will be a $25 gift card for the chili with the MOST VOTES!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Osteoblast was a success!! 

The SAA attended Osteoblast this year with the other DCOM clubs. Osteoblast is an event when the clubs promote their clubs to first year students. It is a time when students (and sometimes their families) come learn about what each club has to offer, their mission, activities, and opportunities for students. 

This year the SAA had an interactive trivia game where students were asked a questions about a variety of topics such as Osteopathic Medicine or the SAA in general. We had a lot of free giveaways- our travel mugs donated by the AAOA were a hit! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Both the first and second year students and significant others have survived the first test weekend! For those who are not local, test weekend is a dreaded and exhausting weekend! Although the students attend class, and study endlessly after class, the weekend before the test can consist of 12-15 hour study sessions, if not all-nighters for some students! This is not only difficult on the students, but challenging for the significant others who may have waited all week to spend the weekend with their student! This is where socialization is KEY!!!

We had our first Saturday Morning Coffee with a record number of guests and children! 18 adults and 14 children! 

See details on our private spouse page

Monday, August 8, 2016

Cookie/Snack day!

One way that the SAA supports the students is by providing a small treat before test weekends! With the first TEST WEEK approaching quickly, we decided to get some baked goods to our students this week!! 

The SAA provides these days by receiving donations from SAA members, family, faculty & the community. If you are not local and would like to contribute, please visit our online store and one of our members will either purchase baked goods, or purchase ingredients to make baked goods on your behalf. 

Click here to visit our online store

The first Cookie/Snack day is:
Wednesday August 8 
Noon - items run out 
DCOM 2nd floor lounge