Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Rotations Info!

Click here for the google doc with info from significant others about rotations 

First and Second years:
This handout has been created by those significant others (and a few students) who have been through rotations. This information does not represent the viewpoints of LMU-DCOM, or the SAA. This information was intended to help ease anxieties regarding the next phase of medical school. These are opinions and experiences only, not facts. The sites were sites from last year, and may or may not be future sites. The sites are in alphabetical order. Not all sites are represented.

The following questions were asked to volunteers.

  1. Ranking Sites: When ranking the sites, what strategy did you use? What were you looking for in your top spots? If you could re-do your list, what would you change? What number spot did you get for core? What is your advice to ease anxiety with the lottery?

  1. The Move/Living situation: When did you move? How did you find housing? Length of leases available? Will/did your family remain at your core site for 1 year, 2 years? What influenced this decision? Do you live together as a family; live separate, little of both? How far of a commute does your student have for different rotations/electives etc?
  2. Employment: What is your employment status? What were the factors influencing your choice of employment? How did you find employment, etc.?
  3. Core and Electives: What does core look like at your site? When and how are/were the core rotations decided (does the student choose when each rotation is done/blocked/unblocked, or do the preceptors choose? Is this planned in advance etc.) How does this impact your families living situation or finances? What other 3rd year electives can be done at the core site, or nearby?
  4. Fourth Year: What are you considering for 4th year as far as living situation (or what did you did if you are a 4th year)? What influenced this decision? Where is your student planning to do audition rotations, and what influenced this decision?
  5. Social Support: What type of social support have you found in the area? Any struggles or advice?
  6. Advice/Suggestions: What other advice/insight/information would you like to share regarding your experience with rotations while having a family?

Monday, February 6, 2017

Rotation Site Panel

Rotation Site Panel

For 2nd year students and their families, the beginning of Spring semester brings a lot of questions and anxiety about Step 1 exams, 3rd year core rotations, and the rotation site lottery. In the third week of February, all 2nd year students will rank each of the 23 core rotation sites and submit their ranked list for the lottery. Sometime in March, they will find out what core site they have been assigned and this is where they will be moving for 3rd (and potentially 4th) year.

In follow-up to the January information session with Dr. Wieting, the SAA will host a panel of current 3rd and 4th years spouses and significant others, in person and via online chat, who will provide us with information related to their experiences with rotations and their core rotation sites. The panel will also answer specific questions from any students and families in attendance.

SAA has compiled an informational packet of questions and answers about each core site from at least one 3rd or 4th year student or significant other, which will be provided at the meeting and available for download on the SAA facebook page and blog. Topics covered in the packet include the lottery, finding housing, moving, finances, social support, students hours and experience, student traveling, living situation for long distance families, and general advice.

Please join us for the Rotation Site Panel on February 7th at 6pm in DCOM 306.

December Activities

End of the Semester Activities 

The SAA held and ornament fundraiser to raise funds for future activities for the students and their families. This is the 4th year that a new ornament has been added to the DCOM ornament collection.
The SAA also attended the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony where there were crafts being sold. We set up a booth and sold our ornaments to the guests. 

Throughout the semester, family members purchased what we refer to as "finals boxes" which is a box of snacks to help fuel students through that last week of class. The boxes cost $20, and came with a variety of snacks, a DCOM magnet and a holiday ornament, as well as a personalized letter from their loved one. The boxes were a hit, and we look forward to putting them together for the Spring semester as well! 

Thanksgiving Dinner

LMU-DCOM Thanksgiving Dinner 
On the Monday before Thanksgiving, the SAA put together a Thanksgiving dinner for students, faculty, staff and their families. The SAA provided the meat, and guests provided a side, dessert, or drinks. We had such a great turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! We were sure to have a kids corner for the little ones, so parents could spend some time hanging out while their little ones were occupied. As you can see in the one picture, the dads got to have some quality time with their babies!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fall Fest


October 21 we held our annual Fall Festival! 

Despite the wind and rain storm that passed through most people stuck it out and had a great time! The LMU-DCOM Clubs came prepared with activities for the kids and did a great job helping us pull together this event! The free cotton candy and hot chocolate seemed to be a hit with everyone! We even had a haunted sim lab, which seemed to be a great escape from the rain storm!