Friday, August 21, 2015

Welcome back!

Thank you to all who attended our first SAA meeting for this school year and get to know you better. We had sign up sheets for our fundraising and social committees and also for the first year liasons for the SAA Executive Board.  If you were unable to attend and would like to participate on any of these committees, please send us an email at or message one of the board members.  We discussed the medical school map Markell Stafford made to help you know what to expect during the four years of medical school.

We have an ice cream social coming up on August 25th at 4:30 pm on the second floor of DCOM for all SAA members and families.  There will be no childcare so please keep an eye on your children.  SAA will be providing the ice cream and each family attending is asked to bring a topping or two to share.

We have t-shirts and Christmas ornaments available for sale.  Please see the facebook page for details.

Membership dues are being collected.  Dues are $10 per person or $15 per couple each year or 4 year memberships are available for $30 per person and $45 per couple

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November Board and General Meeting Overviews

Hey Friends!

This month we thought we would do one post to let everyone know what when on at the Board and General meetings this month. We had very low attendance at the General meeting tonight (November 11th) so not many decisions were made.

Board Meeting:

This meeting took place on November 4. The biggest thing we discussed at this meeting were ideas that we took away from the OMED Convention in Seattle. Here are some things we discussed:
  1.  Themed Meetings: instead of just having General Meetings, talking very quickly about business and going home, we are now going to be having a "theme" each month at the meetings. We wanted these General Meetings to be beneficial for our members and not just another thing you "have" to do. This month we did a Thanksgiving theme. We asked members to bring their favorite Thanksgiving recipe to the meeting and Genell will be scanning them together and emailing those out for some new tasty things for you to try this month. We also had Shelley Wieting and her friend Katie give pointers and instructions on how to successfully cook a great Thanksgiving Turkey, since a lot of us have never done this before.
  2. Membership: The AAOA, who is over the SAA on a National level, has decided to make increasing membership a very large goal over the next year. It is their vision that 100% of all students who have SAA chapters at their colleges of medicine would be dues paying members. AAOA membership is only $5, HOWEVER the reason we are wanting membership to increase across the national is so that we have a larger pool of advocates to pull from when it comes to helping getting bills passed that effect your students' profession in the future. The AAOA has decided to give out a gift to anyone willing to become a paying member, just to get the membership numbers up. We will be asking the AAOA for $10 gift cards for anyone willing to pay $5 to become a member. So basically the AAOA is paying you for your membership. So please spread the word. We want 100% of the student body at DCOM and we also want grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, aunts, uncles, etc because we all need to be informed advocates for our students. We discussed changing the SAA Membership dues to make it more feasible for people to become members. We will be discussing the exact dollar amount further in the future.
  3. Fall Festival: We made over $400 in profits from our Fall Festival that the SAA put on on October 30th so THANK YOU to all who participated!! This was more than the club made last year so we hope to continue growing this event each year.
  4. Christmas Ornaments: We have approx. 175 Christmas Ornaments that need to be sold. We plan to sell these on the November cookie day (November 12th @ 11:30am) so they are available to the students. We will also be advertising in an email to all the faculty, staff, and students of DCOM that we will be selling these ornaments at the Thanksgiving Dinner on November 24th. The ornaments are $8 a piece or 2 for $15.

 General Meeting:

Tonight at the General Meeting we really just addressed this month's events. We talked about specifics of the Thanksgiving Dinner. We have had 9 people sign up to bring turkeys and 5 people sign up for hams. If you are an SAA Board member you need to bring a side item in addition to your assigned item. Anyone attending needs to bring the following:

Last Names A-D: Bread + Canned Food Item for Donation
Last Names E-H: Drinks + Canned Food Item for Donation
Last Names I-Q: Dessert + Canned Food Item for Donation
Last Names R-Z: Side Item + Canned Food Item for Donation

We also learned how to make a great Turkey! Thanks to Shelley and Katie, we are now fully equipped to be the Thanksgiving Great Chefs this year. These are the handouts they gave tonight:

Upcoming Events:

November 12th - Cookie Day: bring your favorite cookies to MANS for 1st years (4th floor) or DCOM for 2nd years (1st floor) at 11:30am to be passed out to the medical students as they leave for lunch at noon.

November 24th - Thanksgiving Dinner: @ DCOM 2nd Floor Lounge 6-8pm
If you're wanting to attend please bring bread if your last name is A-D, Drinks if your last name is E-H, a dessert if your last name is I-Q, or a side dish if your last name is R-Z. All attendees are also encouraged to bring any canned food items to donate to the Manna House as a way to give back for Thanksgiving. **(THIS IS NOT AN SAA ONLY EVENT - IT IS COMMUNITY WIDE SO INVITE YOUR FRIENDS FAMILY AND NEIGHBORS)**

December 11th - SAA Christmas Party @ Wieting's Home: This is for SAA Members and their students only. If you are last names A-N please bring a side dish and last names O-Z please bring a dessert. All attendees also need to bring a wrapped Christmas ornaments for the ornament exchange.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October General Meeting

Hello Friends!

There are a lot of exciting things coming up soon and we are excited to see you at these events. Our October General Meeting took place on Tuesday October 14th. We had a good turnout at this meeting and are hoping even more can attend in November. It's still very important to come to the meetings so you can be part of the decision-making process instead of just going by the notes posted here or events on Facebook. The board wants DCOM-SAA to be YOUR club and not just a group of people run by a board. The next meeting will be November 11th at 6:30pm in our normal room on the 3rd floor.

One thing we discussed at this meeting was events that SAA members would like to see hosted. The two top things everyone was interested in from orientation was hiking and game night. We talked about rescheduling the Hike on a day other than Sunday and at a time other than 3pm. It was discussed that church and younger children's naptimes usually interfere with this day and time. Also, a craft night was brought up and there were several member there that seemed interested in a craft night. The board encouraged everyone there to continue posting on facebook if there's ever anything you want to do (go get coffee, walk the dog, etc) and you want company. If everyone posts when they want to do something, then typically others are wanting to get out of the house too.

Events coming up:

October 30th - Fall Festival @ DCOM Patio 5-7pm with a movie to follow
-If anyone is interesting in helping set up, this will begin at 3:30pm. SGA is working to host a movie after the Fall Festival ends at 7 for anyone interested in staying. This will be a family friendly film, most likely halloween themed.

October 31st - Trunk or Treat @ New Tazewell United Methodist Church 5-7pm
-This is the church that the Wietings attend. It is diagonally across from Walgreens in New Tazewell.

October 31st - Trick or Treat at the Mall in Middlesboro

November  4th - SAA November Board Meeting @ 6:30pm

November 11th - SAA General Meeting @ 6:30pm

November 12th - Cookie Day @ 11:30am
-Bring your favorite cookies to DCOM or Mans to share with the students. Please have them dropped off by 11:30am.

November 14th - LMU Basketball Season Starts - Check the LMU page or the App for sports schedules

November 24th - DCOM Thanksgiving Dinner @ DCOM 2nd Floor Lounge 6-7:30pm
-Each year there is a Thanksgiving Dinner hosted at DCOM. There will be sign ups for baking turkeys and hams. If you're interested in baking please watch the SAA Facebook page for sign ups. Turkey and Hams need to arrive by 5:30pm.
**If you've never baked a turkey please allow time for your turkey to thaw before baking - this could take DAYS in the fridge**
If you're wanting to attend please bring bread if your last name is A-D, Drinks if your last name is E-H, a dessert if your last name is I-Q, or a side dish if your last name is R-Z. All attendees are also encouraged to bring any canned food items to donate to the Manna House as a way to give back for Thanksgiving.

December 11th - SAA Christmas Party at the Wietings @ 6:30pm
-This is for SAA Members and their spouses. Please go ahead and arrange for a babysitter (refer to the DCOM babysitter list if you're in need of one) because the Wietings house is not a kid friendly home and you don't want to spend your evening worrying about what they might be into. We will do sign-ups for sides to bring and the Wietings will provide the main course meat. There will also be an ornament exchange so go ahead and pick out your ornament to bring and wrap it up like a present.

There is plenty to do this coming month, and there will be more hiking days, craft nights, etc posted on the facebook page as they are happening. Hope to see you at the Fall Festival next week!! If you can, sign up to make some chili or come to participate in the costume contest.

Happy Halloween!

                              -- SAA Board

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September General Meeting

Hey Folks!

Just wanted to update you from tonight's General Meeting. A lot of you all couldn't make it, and even stopped by the SAA table at Osteoblast to let us know. We appreciate that! We know how busy everyone is. We did have a decent turn out to the meeting tonight and we basically just hit the highlights of what is coming up. If you just want to check the minutes from the Board Meeting and familiarize yourself with the Events tab at the top of the blog this will be your best source for information. We have a LOT of events coming up this month and at least 4 of them include baking of some kind. We hope you all are ready :D

We did nominate first year liaisons tonight! This year we have decided to take three and they are going to be: Christina Gargano, Lauren Petrillo, and Rachel Woodson. We will have their pictures and bios up on the Officers page soon!! If any of you first year spouses have any questions or concerns, these ladies are going to be your voice at our board meetings from now on so please let them know.

Don't forget about the Couples Workshop next Tuesday!! We REALLY need everyone to RSVP "going" on the facebook event because we would like to order pizzas and need to have a headcount for ordering. We are trying to set up childcare for this event, but it may not be until Sunday before we find out yay or nay on this.

We have been asked, as of yesterday, to provide dessert for the Whitecoat BBQ on Sept 26th. Last year a company donated pre-cut cookie dough and all we had to do was put them on cookie sheets and bake them. There will be a sign up sheet going around on the Facebook page for people who are willing to bake these cookies/make something else. This is not a for sure thing yet because we are still waiting to hear back from the company so if they can't we will be needing help baking other desserts for this event. They are expected 1,400 people so if we don't get the cookie dough we will just do the best we can to provide for as many people as possible.

FALL FESTIVAL is coming up!! It's going to be October 30th from 5-7PM. This seems like a while away but it's really not! We have a lot to do to get ready for this event because we want to make it really great. We need club involvement so we will be contacting the clubs to participate. If your student is in a club, have their president contact the board to sign up for a table and an activity at the festival. If you are wanting to help run the event the day of or just help with the planning process we will be having a "planning meeting" NEXT Thursday, September 18th at 6:30pm. (This is also Crockpot Day just FYI, check the events!!) Please come out to this meeting. There will also be other sign up going around for this event so please let us know if you're coming to help.

The new ornaments for this year have been ordered and we are taking pre-orders for these. They will be in to sell for the Whitecoat BBQ. We will be selling these for $8 or 2 for $15. The blue ones from last year are still available as well for $5 or you can buy one of last years and one of this years for $12. These make GREAT Christmas gifts!! The new ornaments from this year will be on a ceramic circular tile and the proof picture is below:

Please feel free to contact the board about any questions with the events coming up. With all the dates coming at you at once it can be overwhelming and confusing so please ask someone!! We'd love to have as much involvement at possible.

Monday, September 8, 2014

September Board Meeting

Hey Friends!!  

Tuesday September 2nd we had our September Board Meeting. Just a Reminder - Board Meeting are open to all members if anyone has a desire to attend.

There were many issues discussed including events for the month of September, White Coat BBQ details, Fall Festival Planning, new opportunities for SAA to help our students this semester, and new Ornaments for the 2014-2015 school year. 
  • The September General Meeting has been moved back to 7pm - starting immediately after Osteoblast. This meeting will be very short to be respectful of everyone's time with Osteoblast and a meeting taking place in the same evening. Please don't worry about bringing any food for this meeting.
  • The Whitecoat BBQ will be held at 5:30pm at the Harrogate City Park Friday September 26th. Two Docs BBQ and the BBQ team will be fixing the food for the event and SAA will be providing dessert. Details about the dessert are to be anounced. This BBQ is open to all family and friends of the first years receiving their coats so please come out and participate. The actual Whitecoat Ceremony will be the next morning in Turner Arena at 10am. SAA will have a table set up at the BBQ to sell merchandise and sign up new members. Shelley, Genell, and Markell will be the Board Members at the table for the BBQ. We would LOVE to have some volunteers to sit at the table if anyone else is interested!
  • At the Whitecoat BBQ and the Whitecoat Ceremony the SAA will be offering a Membership Package for $40. This will include: 1 tshirt, 1 blue ornament, and a 1-year membership.
  • It was discussed that the new ornaments will be sold for a little more this year since they are costing the club more to order because of the quality of the ornament. They will be sold $8 for 1 or 2 for $15. The blue ornaments from last year can be purchased $5 for 1 or 2 for $10. One of this years ornaments and one of last years ornaments can be purchased together for $12.
  • During the General Meeting on 9/9 we will start discussing the Fall Festival. If you are interested in helping plan or run Fall Festival this year there will be a Planning meeting September 18th @ 6:30pm.
  • We have been asked by the Intercollegiate Council to make grab-n-go baked goods for the Intercollegiate Olympics on Friday October 3rd being held from 7-9pm. Please drop these goods off at the DCOM Patio by 6:30pm.
  • We will be having an event the evening of Tuesday September 16th.  Dr. Wieting and his wife Shelley Wieting will be hosting a Couples Workshop at DCOM 6PM. This is a GREAT opportunity to learn from those who have "been there, done that" on how to survive medical school still married! They have great inside advice, tips for getting your spouse happy during stressful times, etc. This is not something you're going to want to miss.
  •  Crockpot Day will be taking place on September 18th. Make one of your best crockpot dishes and drop it off (at MANS if you're a first year spouse and DCOM if you're a second year spouse) by 11:30am. SAA will provide bowls and plasticware for your dish. Tell your student to tell their friends! Free lunch from the SAA Sept 18th.

  • SAA will be hosting a Family Hiking Day on Sunday September 21st at 3pm. This is during test weekend for Second Years and the weekend after a test for First Years. This will be a great time to come meet new friends, enjoy a relaxing outdoor adventure with family, and a chance for our four-legged children to hang out with all the two-legged children :) We will be hiking the Iron Furnace. If everyone interested in hiking can meet in front of the Gap Tap down in the Cumberland Gap around 2:50pm, we will be starting the hike at 3pm.
  • SAA will be providing cookies for the students at 11:30am on October 8th. This is one of the things we do throughout the semester just to say "Hey We're Here to Support You" to the students. Second years will be leaving DCOM to go home at lunch time and First years will be coming during lunch time for their OPP Lab at 1. We should be able to serve both groups of students all from the 2nd Floor DCOM Lounge. More details about this in our meeting on 9/9.

    If there are any questions about any of these events please don't hesitate to contact your SAA Board. Can't wait to see you all at Osteoblast!