Thursday, July 28, 2016

Orientation Follow-Up


We have now made some helpful resources available through this blog 

NEW!!!   EMPLOYMENT PAGE- Under the employment tab you can find an ongoing list of jobs in the community. These positions have been sent to the SAA from community members and DCOM significant others. This page will continue to be updated as we hear of new positions. Please e-mail us if you hear of any leads 

NEW!!!! RESOURCES- Under this tab you can find all of our documents that we provide at our significant other orientation. This includes: Community resources such as healthcare, vets, mechanics, government assistance, license/registration info, and so much more! Also, included is a babysitting list, fun things to do in the area, Facebook pages of interest and more!!

NEW!!! FAMILY CONTACT INFO- With students being very busy and entering a new lifestyle, SAA would like to keep your family members up to date by sending a monthly e-mail
Click here to submit Family Member Info

NEW!!! INTEREST FORM- Please share with us some information to help us make this years SAA about you and your family!!  Click here to give SAA your interests


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Merchandise Available!!

We've released our new merchandise!! 

Please see our store for our newest T-shirt designs as well holiday ornaments. This is also the place to purchase a goodie box for your student to receive during finals week!! 

Click here to visit our store

First order is due August 12th

Orders will be available for pick-up on campus 2-3 weeks after deadline

Please stay posted for the date, time & pickup location 

Below are the Logos that we have available in our store! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Orientation 2016

July 26, 2016---8am-3pm 

Morning session with your student 

Afternoon session with the Student Advocate Association 

Children's activities will be provided for BOTH portions of orientation. 

Spouses and significant others are invited to attend the morning orientation with their student. This orientation begins at 8am and will last until 11:30am/noon. Following this portion of orientation, students will have lunch with their advisors and classmates, Spouses/significant others will have a private lunch with the SAA (children will attend lunch).

Following lunch the SAA will have their own orientation geared towards the spouses and significant others. This orientation will last until around 3pm. 



*You will learn what the SAA is and how it can benefit you and your family
*Guest speaker from the American Osteopathic Association
*Guest speaker from the LMU medical clinic
*Guest speaker to educate you on Osteopathic medicine
*Opportunity to get to know other spouses and significant others
*Learn about activities and events that will occur throughout the year
*Access to community resources, things to do in the area, insight into first year
*AND MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!

TO ATTEND ORIENTATION: Have your student check his/her e-mail and follow the registration link


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A glimpse of 2015-2016

It's that time of year again where we start saying good-bye to our 2nd year families! This is a bitter sweet time for everyone, as we are excited for their new journey for rotations, but sad to have our friendships changing. Below are some pictures from this past year including our Saturday morning get togethers, play dates and more! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Planning for 2016-2017!

Our board has started meeting to plan activities and events for the upcoming year. We are extremely excited about some of the ideas being brought to the table and look forward to meeting all of the new significant others!! Some activities and events that we are planning for this year include:

  • Saturday morning coffee get together - Last year we had great success with this get together. You don't even have to drink coffee to attend! It's simply a kickoff to the weekend where spouses/significant others take turns hosting and everyone mingles and gets to know each other 
  • Adult-only night - Once a month we will host an event for adults only. These events will include wine & paint night, bowling, or crock-pot/freezer meal prep. 
  • Play dates - Once a week we will coordinate play dates at the Harrogate Park 
  • SAA Meetings - SAA Meetings will provide members with exclusive access to special meetings such as a couples workshop on how to survive medical school as a couple, review a road map to medical school, financial advisors session, private discussion regarding rotations, as well as many other meetings just for SAA members!
  • Event planning meetings - At our board meetings we will plan events such as a Fall Festival for students, faculty and their families as well as a Thanksgiving dinner for everyone. Members are invited to participate in these planning sessions and encouraged to volunteer at events. 

We look forward to all of these activities and welcome ideas from everyone!